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Express Eventing

A FUN AND LOW KEY, RELAXED 'Express Eventing' for all to enjoy!
Dressage, then some time to change tack and have a rest then sj followed straight the way by XC no time to change!!

Class 1 Mini
Test may be called
Individual - test may be called but no assistance in s.j or x.c
Dressage test - BD walk and trot Intro B 
S.J / Cross Country - 1ft6 to 2ft
Majority of fences at 1ft9

Class 2 Novice
Individual - test must be learnt
Dressage test - Prelim 7
S.J / Cross Country - 2ft3 to 2ft6

Class 3 Open
Individual -test must be learnt
Dressage test - Prelim 18 
S.J / Cross Country - 2ft6 to 3ft
Majority of fences at 2ft9

Running under eventing rules.

There will be 8 S.J fences with a double and 12 to 15 XC fences.

The Course will be open for walking 4pm-5pm on SATURDAY 8th June 
(or will be open to walking before the class starts for a short time only on the day)

Entries for classes 1 to 3 = £25.00 per class

(payable in advance)
Cheques payable to Diamond Equestrian, accompanied by an email stating class, rider name, horse name contact number and any special requirements.

Entries close Saturday 1st June at 5pm or before if classes are full. LATE ENTRYS TILL THURSDAY 6th JUNE AT £2.00 extra
Rosettes 1st to 6th place and goodies for 1st place. 

Adult and Junior sections in all classes if entrys permit over 12. Please state on entry form

Times available on website Friday 7th after 7.30pm or look on this website

All classes are timed on the xc Jumping Phase and will be a secret time, and in the event of a tie we will go on collective dressage marks and if there is still a tie it will then be the closest to the time wins.
You can either wear cross country colours, Hunt dress or showing jackets - back protectors are a must and medical armbands optional. No fixed peak hats are alowed on the jumping phase.

All competitors must have third party insurance cover.

SJ faults apply in the SJ phase (4 for knock down, circle, run out, stop ect) and XC faults in the XC phase (20 stop or run out ect, up to 4 stops at 1 fence = elimination but may carry on if we think horse and rider are ok - plus knock down xc is 4 faults).

Please keep all dogs on a lead and clear away any mess.


Enjoy and have fun!

paypal ENTRY - Express Eventing Payment, £25.00

CLICK HERE for your start times

Click HERE for entry form

CLICK HERE to see XC pics

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